A man with a second Demon Face? it's not fiction

The Man with 2 faces - not fiction
The Story: 

Edward Mordrake was an Englishman born in the 19th century. He became known thanks to its congenital anomalies, as had the second person behind his head. About this man, little is known. And his date of birth, date of death, and to this day remain a mystery. It is believed that he came from a rich and influential family, and was the heir of the English Peerage. He was educated and talented, well played on the violin, but his terrible physical flaw brought him endless emotional suffering.
Once people noticed the lack of Edward, they immediately shunned it. The nature of the second “face” Mordrake, among other reasons, due to the phenomenon as a parasitic twin. According to Darwin’s theory, the strongest twin survived at the expense of the weak, and before remained just one of them. In this case, there was a partial absorption of the second twin, that eventually led to the birth of this extraordinary man.
man with two faces edward mordrake
Certainly nothing to say about the coexistence of Edward with his second face “twin brother”, because there is no reliable information. But according to rumors, the second twin could smile, watching people passing through the eyes and even make unintelligible sounds. According to legend, the second head had the worst temper and cunning intelligence. Mordake claimed that can’t sleep at night, because its twin whispers something diabolical. Edward tearfully asked the doctors release him from this nightmare and to conduct the operation. Doctors have not decided on the surgery, because success is questionable. And even in our days is unknown, doctors would have coped with the challenge or not.
In the end, unable to endure such a life, Edward Mordrake committed suicide at the age of 23-years old. Exactly how he did it, no one knows. According to one version he has poisoned, the other shot himself, having offered the bullet in the forehead between the eyes the hated twins. But in all versions of his suicide, he left a farewell note, which keeps asking to spare it from the second person. So at least in that light, he was able to find rest and do not suffer from the terrible aspects of its “demonic head.”
To this day unknown lived such a person really is or not. Some still believe that this is just a terrible legend 19-th century.

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