Codex Gigas - a Book written by Lucifer?

Codex Gigas - a book by Lucifer
Podlazice, Czech Republic
The Story: 

DON’T LOOK AT IT! Some people think that this book contains a drawing by Lucifer himself, and happens to be cursed.

The Codex Gigas, which is the largest medieval manuscript in the world, is nine inches thick and 36 inches tall.

But it’s shrouded in mystery as a result of an eerie image of the devil contained within, leading many to believe that the book was written under eerie circumstances.


Legend has it that the book was created when a monk from the Middle Ages was due to be bricked up, after he broke monastic vows.

But in order to avoid the punishment, he promised to write a book containing all human knowledge in a single night.

Codex Gigas

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