A Forum with tricks to suicide, on the DARK WEB

Suicide from the dark web
Dark Web
The Story: 

ok... TOR browser...ready
proxy.... connected.
cross your finger... go deep web mode.

What is the dark web (or darknet)? It is the darkest, sickest part of the deep web... ok but, what is the deep web? well you can ask to google.
In the middle of all the insane sick things you can find on the dark web you can also find this kind of disturbed stuff:
Suicide Tips and Tricks

Believe me or not, the site is called Suicide Tips & Tricks and its content is exactly what you think... a forum to help people to find the proper solution to die.
Browsing the site you can find alot of disturbed people asking for some hint about the best way to "do it".. for instance:

"So I've decided I'll go out via hanging, but I'm not sure what kind of knot to use when tying the rope to the rafters in my garage. Any tips?"

John Doe  12/18/16 (Sun) 02:37:276
i've just decieded the same best of luck suicidal
John Doe  12/18/16 (Sun) 08:33:09 
Just attach your belt to something and put the loop around your neck like Lyle Stevik did

Suicide from the dark web
pretty insane, isn't it?
browsing the forum you can find a list of reasons that bring these people to this terrible thoughts:

>No job
>No money
>No drivers license and getting one is proving difficult.
>Have a degenerative eye disease that will make me blind
>Very little amount of friends which I never see
>No girlfriend but at this point I don't care anymore.
>People judging me including family
>No direction in life.
>Autism and other birth defects leave me with no potential as a person and am self-loathing
>no energy and easilly feel sick and irritable on top of mental/physical/emotional bullshit
>I can't lose myself in anthing be it friendship, sex, hobbies, charity, developing a skill or growing as a person, getting money, ect
>I can't get over that the world is unfair and want to start over in a prettier one and as a better person
>On top of growing more pathetic with each year I romanticize youth and any aging depresses me and I lament no young experiences (like underage sex too I'm a pedophile to boot)
>Not social and have no friends and pretty much only like mom much. Awkward and dislike people too much to form bonds.
>I think there's just a nagging feeling in my head in general that I need to escape.

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