The Jeffrey Dahmer Crime Scene - like you never seen

The Jeffrey Dahmer Crime Scene - like you never seen
Milwaukee, US
The Story: 

Unspeakable Crimes. Violence. Rapes. These are the terrible atrocities in the life of the infamous cannibalist sequential killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

What We Can Learn from his case...

The case of Jeffrey Dahmer is maybe the most famous cold case ever. Unfolding plot twists, ignored warning signs, and blatant oblivion led police and the public down a swirling rabbit hole of death, doom, and utter confusion. Dahmer was arrested later in 1991, 13 years after he killed and many victims.

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Jeffrey Dahmer was born in 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At young age, he became fascinated by things related to death and began collecting the carcasses of dead animals. His father noted how his son was “oddly thrilled” by the sounds of clanking animal bones.

When he was attending high school, his family had moved to Bath Township, Ohio, where Dahmer was an outcast who became an alcoholic, drinking heavily at school, often hiding beer and hard liquor in his army jacket. To fit in, Dahmer frequently pretended to have seizures, pulling off a good practical joke that became known around the school as “doing a Dahmer.”

At that time, Dahmer realized he was gay, and as his sexuality blossomed, so he started to have abnormal sexual fantasies. Dahmer began fantasizing about raping men that he saw, and became obsessed by the idea of dominating and controlling someone.

After high school, Dahmer attended Ohio State University but dropped out after one term due to his drinking. He joined the U.S. Army as a combat medic for two years before being discharged for his alcoholism. After that, he returned to his grandmother’s house in West Allis, Wisconsin.

It would later come to light that during his time in the military, Dahmer drugged and raped two other soldiers.

When Dahmer returned to civilian life, he continued with sexual assaults, including masturbating in front of children and drugging and raping men at gay bathhouses. These kinds of crimes continued until one day he killed Steven Tuomi. He met Tuomi in a bar and convinced him to go back to his hotel room with him. Dahmer claims that he just intended to drug and rape him but awoke the next morning to find his hand bruised and Tuomi’s bloodied corpse under his bed.

This murder was the beginning of Dahmer’s true killing spree. He began to chase young men at gay bars and lure them back to his grandmother’s house where he would drug, rape, and kill them. He killed at least three victims during this time, during which he and was arrested for the molestation of a 13-year-old boy.

At that time, Jeffrey Dahmer was driven mad by a compulsion to kill. “It was an incessant and never-ending desire to be with someone at whatever cost,” he said. “Someone good looking, really nice looking. It just filled my thoughts all day long.”

During this time that he began to collect weird trophies from his victims. This practice began with the murder of a 24-year-old aspiring model, Anthony Sears.

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After returning from jail in 1990, Dahmer over the next two years, committed the bulk of his 17 murders. He lured back young men, often giving them money to pose nude for him, before killing them. However, as the crimes continued, it wouldn’t be long before his routine increased in its depravity.

After taking photos of the corpses and dissolving their flesh and bones, Dahmer kept the skulls of his victims as trophies. He also began experimenting with various techniques to preserve these trophies. He exploded the head of one of his victims, Edward Smith, when he tried to dry it out in the oven.

Jeffrey Dahmer body parts crime scene

At this time, Dahmer also began to with cannibalism and to keep body parts in the refrigerator so that he could occasionally feed on them. He began drilling holes into the heads of his victims while they were drugged but still alive. He would then pour hydrochloric acid onto his victim’s brain, a technique that he hoped would put his victims in a permanent and submissive state.

Below here a photo of Jeffrey Dahmer crime scene.

Jeffrey Dahmer crime scene