Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon these are the facts behind the mystery

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon these are the facts behind the mystery
March 15th 2014
The Story: 

The bizarre disappearance of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon dates back to April 1, 2014. These two young women were two dutch students who, after the degree in Applied Sciences and cultural social education, had the plan to go abroad, precisely to Panama, to learn Spanish, because they could do in a future volunteering with children. Therefore they decided to go to Panama to work in a restaurant for 6 months, they saved up money and then they went to Boquete, living with two local families, with the intention of staying there for a month, during which they would do volunteer with children. 

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Kris and Lisanne were both nature lovers, so they decided on the morning of April 1st to hike near Boquete, in the trail of Pianista, with the company of the host family’s dog. They told to that family that they would be back within the day but the only one who come back in that evening was the dog: no news of the two girls. The latest news from the girls was a photo posted by the two young women on facebook at the beginning of the excursion. At the end of the day when the dog returned home Lisanne’s host family was worried but they waited one day. The day after they decided to call police, that refused to start a research immediately. Meantime Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon’s parents went to Boquete and offered a reward of $ 30.000 for the discovery of their daughters. So the locals started to go around the forest to find the girls but they did not find them. 

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon these are the facts behind the mistery

Finally, four days later police started to do more detailed research, but once again no trace: Kris and Lisanne, after more weeks of research, had completely disappeared. The weeks later, however, a strange thing happened: a local woman found a bag on the bank of a Alto Rromero’s river, in Bocas del Toro region. The woman passed through that area every day and she told to the police that the day before that bag there was not there, so the backpack seemed to be suddenly materialized and it was too dry to believe that it had been carried by the river current. In that bag there were a bottle of water, a pair of glasses, a camera, two bras, Kris and Lisanne’s mobile phones and Lisanne’s passport. Thanks to the discovery of the mobile phones, the police found that at the beginning of the excursion the two young women or someone else tried to call the emergency numbers 112 and 911. But maybe, owing to the area’s lack of reception, they had been unable to find help. After 5 of April, Lisanne's mobile phonebattery would have run out and the would no longer be used. Kris' mobile phone would no longer make calls, but would be turned on several times trying to find reception. After 6 of April, in the Kris’s mobile phone there were several attempts to sign in with an incorrect pin and from 7 to 10 April, there were other 77 attempts to call the emergency number unsuccessfully.  On the 11th of April the telephone would have been turned on again at 10:51am and was turned off for the last time at 11:56am. 

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon these are the facts behind the mistery

An other strange thing was that in the founded camera there were a lot of photos dated 8 of April that showed nothing, as if the girls had tried every 2 minutes to get light by the flash of the camera. The photos dated 1 of April were completely normal but the other photos were obscured or full of trees and vegetation, except the last one, that showed the start of a sort of ravine. After the bag’s discovery police founded a pair of sneakers with 33 bons and other human remains. Thanks to the DNA test, they discovered that those were the young women’s bons: Kris and Lisanne were dead with no doubt. 

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon these are the facts behind the mistery

From that point the police tried to give a clear explanation about the events. They though that it happened a simply accident, that Kris and Lisanne had fallen off a ravine during the hike e then they try to call emergency numbers, with no success. Maybe Kris died first and in that moment of despair Lisanne tried to turn on Kris’ mobile phone several times, wrongly typing the pin. The succession of photos with the flash of camera would have been made only to see clearly, because of the night darkness. 

But in this story two mysteries remain open. At first, the 509 photo has been deleted, but in this kind of emergency situation deleting photos is the last thing you think, so maybe that photo had to be deleted for some reason? Maybe was involved a third person? The other strange thing is that in the bag that was found along the river were found Kris and Lisanne fingerprints and also other unknown fingerprints. Whose prints were they? The police no longer continued to investigate.

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