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Top Ten Horror Book Recommendation - Januray 2019

I can strongly affirm that I started the year with one of the greatest discoveries I have done as a reader. "Three Days in Ashford" —the town that Satan calls home is a perfect conglomerate of solid disturbing elements combined to mould your mind in the shape of terror.
Discover the truth of Hell and Heaven, punishment and denied redemption. How the "gods" delight themselves tearing apart our spirit.

Top Ten Horror Book Recommendation - November

Horror Galore kindly asked me to write a monthly article about ten best horror books I have read, so I'll try to do my best! 

This list is completely personal. I read LOTS of horror due to my job (I am a horror book promoter) so I can say I read many good and not-that-good books. I'm going to explain why each one of these books impacted me and left a print in my mind.

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