Top Ten Horror Book Recommendation - November

Top Ten Horror Book Recommendation - November

Horror Galore kindly asked me to write a monthly article about ten best horror books I have read, so I'll try to do my best! 

This list is completely personal. I read LOTS of horror due to my job (I am a horror book promoter) so I can say I read many good and not-that-good books. I'm going to explain why each one of these books impacted me and left a print in my mind.

BLACKWATER VAL by William Gorman
"Blackwater Val" is a layered novel. When you grab it the first time, you can't imagine where you are diving into. Level by level Gorman absorbs your mind in a horrific nostalgia that reveals the disturbing secrets of a little... (cursed?) village. 
The sadness of a young loss and a daughter hunted by aching dead souls who cry their misery in her ears...
Amazing, amazing. I read it in paperback and I have it all marked and underlined. A book TO ENJOY in all its splendour.

THE OVERLEDEN by Terence Simmons
Ah, "The Overleden", I'm still thinking of it. I honestly didn't know what a masterpiece I was holding in my hands when I purchased it. The cover completely makes you fall in love with it, but that is just the beginning. 
It is a long book, about eight hundred pages, but DON'T PANIC! They feel like two hundred. 
He is direct, doesn't flood you with descriptions and unnecessary scenes. It's a shuddering sequence of events that go from "worse" to "Hell" in a blink of an eye. Your breathing really accelerates when reading it, and when you think the book must be finishing because a million things are already happening at the same time, you realise you're only at 30% of the read. 
I loved the traditional horror elements, the true fright. 
This is an amazing choice for someone who has time to enjoy a long book. Now, you'll keep it forever in your mind, because the connotations are uncountable and notorious. You keep on wondering things and making your own versions of the collateral stories that will never be told.

Dona Fox... Dona Fox! I call her to myself the "Master of Madness". She plays with your psyche (*laughs*) very well. Don't believe what you see, hear, feel, because it won't be true! 
She makes you feel a cocktail of disturbing emotions to shake you intensely and bring you a demolishing end that crashes all the walls of your expectation. "No way!!" is my main thought when I'm reading her.
Dona Fox... Dona always delivers.
This one is a short story, she has several published. Very quick reads that will convulse, not your day, but your entire week.

Extreme. Very —extreme. Not for the weak hearted certainly. This is a massive book, to savour slowly. Wyrmwood is a man of flavours and sensorial experiences.
He guides you into a hole of depravity and human (human?) evil which will cross all your boundaries and demolish the limits of your own expectations.
This is not a book not to rush but to digest with all your attention and an open mind. He will offend and disturb you. He will give you nightmares for a long time.

BORN OF BLOOD by Emir Skalonja
Skalonja promises blood, and that's exactly what you get. He chose Joan of Arc and her crew to introduce to the reader the pure heart of evil. Hell itself, actually. He is an amazing story-teller. You don't even realise you're flying along the book. 
Honour, loyalty, battlefield. Stone, putrid humidity, blood. He pulls all your strings until you laugh and cry with him. 
Full of action, agile, fresh, intense. A quick, brilliant read.

THEM by James Watts 
Ah, Watts. I have read reviewers comparing him to King, and they weren't wrong at all. A genuinely gifted author with a lot of fight to offer. Glowing reviews rain all over his work. THEM is convulsive and plants the seed of paranoia in your brain. 
Only the prelude of the book makes you hyperventilate. What is lurking in the shadows...? The only thing you can be sure about, they are smirking down at you. And in this game, you become the prey.

AFFINITY'S WINDOW by Douglas L. Wilson
Let's jump from extreme horror to a paranormal thriller. Wilson is a spotless writer which sews a web of different stories crossing them until they collide in an implosion of events. 
You feel sad and horrified at the same time. With very human characters, full of defects and lacks, a supernatural demonic lattice opens up before their eyes. 
A deceived and terrified ghost plays "cat and mouse" discovering the entrails of hell. 
I personally fell in love with the little ghost and appreciated all the complex emotions overwhelming her until she finds out... the truth.

CLOCK'S WATCH by Michael Reyes
"Clock's Watch" is a collection of stories based on one protagonist: Clock. The guard of the gates between two dimensions: human and evil. Although, he is not the kind of character you are expecting. He is better. Imperfect, implacable. 
The demons he fights are full of shades and complexity. The research behind this book is obvious: it's filled with demonology related accurate information from which he draws truly horrific images in your mind. 
A great quick read. Also, you can enjoy amazing illustrations made by Sean Bova, I personally stopped in each one of them, excellent work.

"The Dowling House" is a little book. But ah, it will grab you at the very first paragraph. Drew's writing is not very complex, but she knows how to narrate horror... and panic. Not your average haunted house story, no. Ghosts trapped by a demonic entity will become the (last?) nightmare of our protagonist. 
Demons observe and choose you. It's not up to you. She gives you no other choice but to turn page after page. An amazing quick read. I grabbed it time ago and I still think of it.

This book is very complex. The author took about twenty years to build it up. Tons of research and hard work behind its pages. Perkins is one of the best authors I have read. Spotless, methodical and perfectionist.
The tale is filled with old glossary since many of the characters are not from this era. 
This book is dense, using complex stories which make you jump from one scene to the next one, but with a high mastery. You never get lost.
It has received amazing reviews, even from other recognised authors who could appreciate this piece.
I really enjoyed it so much, I couldn't leave it. I fell in love with Charles, a character which... has a lot to say. I also adored the idea of tortured ghosts which are resurrected just to see themselves tormented one more time. 
Sorcery, demons, a wide spectrum of evil entities surviving across the centuries, always coming for... more.

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