Interview with Director of Bunnyman Vengeance Movie

Interview with Director of Bunnyman Vengeance Movie

Short Biography: 
Carl Lindbergh graduated from California State University Long Beach and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in film production. Shortly after graduation, Lindbergh formed his first production company, ANOC PRODUCTIONS i.e. A NO ONE CARES PRODUCTIONS. The company would primarily focus on the funding and production of his feature films. Lindbergh made his directorial debut with the self financed film, "Shadows of the Dead", a unique horror/drama that defies the expected conventional clichés associated with the respective genres. The film received worldwide distribution from FIRST LOOK features. Within the span of five years, Lindbergh turned the idea of Bunnyman into a franchise of three feature films, a animated short, a upcoming comic book, and a remake of Bunnyman called Bunnyman : Grindhouse Edition. ​With the Bunnyman trilogy of films complete, Lindbergh has moved onto his sixth and seventh feature films which are in various states of early pre-production. A sixth feature film, "Nowhere Girl" is a sci fi film slated to film in early 2018. The seventh feature film, "Blood Angel" is a sci fi/horror/thriller slated to film late 2018.
The Interview: 

Q: How would you describe Bunnyman Vengeance to your audience? Who would you recommend the film to?

I would recommend the film to fans of Forbidden Zone (1980), the Evil Dead franchise, Return of the Living Dead, Cemetery man etc. If your a fan of horror films that aren’t just focused on being scary, but films that also try to be fun with a sense of humor.  

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to have a life creating film? 

You should only go into the film business if it’s for creative reasons, and not for fame and fortune etc. Find that inner voice, the stories you want to tell, and just go make tell them. Don’t wait for a opportunity that will never come to fruition, but rather just go and make your art on your own. Don’t count on anyone but yourself to more your career forward. Don’t trust film distributors.

Q: What was the most important lesson you had to learn that has had a positive effect on your film? How did that lesson happen? 

Focus on the positive, keep your head down and stay calm when your making a film. Things always go wrong on a film set, there simply are too many variables to have control over everything. The only thing you can do is control how you react to complications. 

Q: What do audiences want? And is it the filmmaker’s role to worry about that? 

It doesn’t matter. The best films are the ones that have a unique voice from their respective filmmakers. Do you think David Lynch cares what the audience wants? Ha Ha I’m not sure even David Lynch knows what he wants, but that’s what makes him so special. When you make a movie trying to cater to the largest demographic, you loose the artistic merit of the film. 

I’m saying this as a filmmaker who’s only lived in the world of indie filmmaking, which means the films I’ve made have always been a very internal/artistic endeavor. Making a studio film would mean taking into concern audiences expectations in order to recoup the financial investment. I haven’t crossed this bridge yet (although I’d be happy to)  since the positive aspects vastly outweigh any negative aspects in a studio production. 

Q: If there is anything you think would make the film industry better, what would it be? 

The integrity of film distributors. Although I hope in this day and age of social media, us indie filmmakers could help put a end to their shady business practices. 

Q: Do you believe in aliens or demons or ghosts? What’s your connection with the paranormal world? Are you interested in the paranormal?

Yes, I do believe there has to be intelligent life in this universe ;) I want to believe in Aliens, but I have yet to see anything. I think it’s fascinating topic of conversation, to think how the human race would react to aliens arriving on the planet. 

I think there is something to be said about the paranormal world that we do not understand. For example, my day job means I go into thousands of empty houses a year. One empty house I went into (with my buisness partner) just had this feeling of a evil presence. We asked the homeowner why this one house felt “evil” and we were told a teenager killed himself cause he was upset about his parents divorce. I still can’t explain out of thousands of homes, why this one house felt “evil”, and prompted the question as to what happened in this house? 

Q: What was your childhood dream? 

To make large budget science fiction films. To one day make a Star Wars film.

Q: What do you consider your favourite movie? Did any inspire you to pursue directing?

Star Wars is what inspired me to make films. Along with other 80’s classic sci fi films such as the Alien franchise, Robocop 1+2, The Terminator franchise, Blade Runner etc. In regards to TV, I absolutely adore Seinfeld. I’m in awe of the writing on that show. 

Q: What is your favourite style of music?

Synthpop. Basically that means Depeche Mode and groups that are inspired by them (up until Alan Wilder left the band). I also like other 80’s groups, Industrial, and Gothic music. If it’s dancy and depressing, it will probably get my attention. 

Q: What would be your dream directing movie project?

Star Wars, followed by doing an actual sequel to Robocop (bring back Peter Weller and the original ED-209). I’d also like to do a film in either Nightmare on Elm Street (with Robert Englund), Friday the 13th, or Halloween franchises. 

I believe I have an interesting take on Halloween, and it’s something I’ve never seen a move do before. Instead of doing a sequel, or a reboot, I wanted to do what I’m calling a “remix” of the original film which means honoring the original and filling in the gaps of that film. So once you watch my “remix” you would appreciate the original Halloween even more. I don’t have the gall to say I’d reboot perfection, but I’d like the opportunity to honor perfection.

Q: Share a career dream with us. 

To have a decent budget to make a film. Even if I had just a million dollar, that would be mind blowing to me. I’d also just like to have some sort of support system. It would be awesome to have (something as simple and assumed) a producer working on a film with me, so that I wouldn’t have to stress about being a producer and director at the same time. 

Q: Can you tell our audience a little bit about your personal life story? Our site has a section about real horror stories… did you ever experience something really creepy in your life?

I’ve seen death up close, people die in front of me etc. I’ve seen death in a person’s eyes, as they come to terms with their own mortality. Death is as close to real horror as I want to get.

I’ve never seen anything “creepy” per se. However there is the intangible feeling of fear that I’ve experienced in my real life. There’s been a few moments in my life where I have feared for my life. That feeling of true fear is something that’s hard to shake. 

For example, I’ve been driving down the side of a mountain in complete fog, unable to see around the next bend in the street. That feeling that you can die at any moment is a real horror story to me. 

Q: Tell us about your horror taste - what is your favourite horror movie and if possible your favourite director?

The iconic horror films from the 80’s are the films I grativitate towards the most. The original Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, Halloween etc. I also appreciate some of the more obscure horror films like Cemetery Man, and The Keep. My favorite genre filmmaker is John Carpenter, and I pretty much like everyone of his films. My favorite filmmakers in general are Tim Burton and Ridley Scott


Any other things would like to share with us? 

I just want to thank the cast and crew that helped me make Bunnyman Vengeance. I especially want to thank my fans, the people kind enough to send a brief email saying how they appreciate my work. Those small little gestures may seem trivial, but they mean the world to be as a indie filmmaker.

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