Mysterious Deep Web Horror Game Sad Satan

Mysterious Deep Web Horror Game Sad Satan

Walking forward, it’s hard to make out what’s waiting for you in the distance. The only thing you can hear is your footsteps, one after the other, acting as a reminder that something tangible exists within these shadows. The walking continues for a while, though the player in the video doesn’t really seem to make any progress. It almost seems as if they are walking in place—but no, eventually, the player does get closer to the flickering light. This is where the strange, muffled sounds start. It almost sounds like a kid, gasping. It could be anything, though.

The player turns back, walks for a little bit. Then turns around again. Now there seems to be a different door made out of light in the distance. The maze is not static. It changes.

The player moves toward the light, naturally. The voices get more distorted, stranger. The hallway changes, too, The voices turn into a growl. The player simply keeps walking forward—really, that’s the only thing they can do. Eventually, the character finds themselves in the initial hallway once more, only this time, it’s corrupted, unstable. A yellow line flashes on the ground every few seconds, almost making it seem like the player is walking down the middle of a road:

The player keeps walking up and down this road, until eventually it transforms once more:

At the end, the walkway transforms once more. It’s the first hallway, but this time, the entire level seems to groan and moan. It sounds like you are inside the belly of the beast. The player stands there for a while, simply listening. The sounds shift and grow, get louder, more aggressive. It almost sounds like something is breathing on the player’s neck, snarling, and hungry.

Eventually, the scenery changes on its own once again—back to the black and white hallway. This area has also turned volatile. The walls blur and shift, and you can hear a man repeat an unintelligible phrase over and over again. Still, the player pushes forward, reaching the end of this hallway

The player gets to the end of the hallway, and is greeted with this

The bizarre screen, which Kirk tells me looks a lot like something out of season one of Hannibal, lasts for maybe a second or two before it’s gone. Then it’s back to the damned hallways.


The two flashed images in the first video is of a gentleman at Konopiště in the Czeck Republic. It was the last residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, an avid hunter and the guy whose assassination started World War I. The internet has discovered that

This time, the player almost seems drugged. The character moves around in slow motion, the audio garbles even more. They reach the end of the hallway, and it changes again

It’s hard to make out unless your computer screen is on full brightness, but there’s actually blood on the ground. Naturally, the player walks toward its source. Eventually, the screen flashes this photo of Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher for a split second...


The creepiest part is that the second half of the video reveals there are also children-sized beings in this maze with you.
The second video reveals that the player is not actually alone in this maze

Child being


Occasionally a white screen will flash in the game with some seemingly random wingdings in small black type. A Reddit user has discovered these symbols are anything but random. They are threatening:



The Manson audio clip plays on loop, then the game cuts to a static screen with a looping song clip over it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.34.31 PM


Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 8.37.32 PM

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