Now You can Watch HORROR MOVIES for FREE on Youtube

Watch HORROR MOVIES for FREE on Youtube

YouTube has introduced a new free movies service after successfully striking a deal with US-based Studios like Lionsgate, MGM and Sony Pictures as well as Blinkbox in the UK. 

A catalog of full length 400 movies that include both Hollywood and Bollywood flicks is available at Full length movies were already available on YouTube but only for select regions. Now, it's been made available to the entire world.

From a number of Jackie Chan movies, to classic horror movies like Night of the Living Dead, loads of movies can be watched on-demand for free.

Donagh O'Malley, YouTube head of video partnerships, said, "This is one of many efforts to ensure that people can find all the different kinds of video they want to see, from bedroom vlogs and citizen journalism reports to full-length films and TV shows."

We hope YouTube will consider including on-demand paid HD movies in future. However, as of now, if you have a YouTube enabled TV then you can stream full length movies on it at no cost. Of course, you'll have to pay for the Internet connection.

The horror section has many good watches like -

Night of the Living Dead (o)
Horror of the Zombies (aka) The Ghost Galleon
Snake People (Boris Karloff)
Zombie Wars
House on Haunted Hill (o)
Sisters of Death
The Last Woman on Earth
The Corpse Grinders
The Wasp Woman
The Legend of Bigfoot
Voodoo Man (Bela Lugosi)
Lady Frankenstein
The Little Shop of Horrors
The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant
Silent Night Bloody Night
Driller Killer
Dementia 13
Atom Age Vampire
The Sadist
Attack of the Giant Leeches
The Terror
Screaming Skull
The Brain That Wouldn't Die
Don't Look In The Basement
A Bucket of Blood
Revolt of the Zombies
Legacy of Blood
Frankenstein's Daughter
The Giant Gila Monster
The Crawling Hand
The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues
Terror is a Man

...and many, many more.

Google's Youtube Horror vault -

Google's Youtube Free Movies -

Happy viewing!