Outbreak: The Hunger. Fantastic book by Scott Shoyer

Outbreak: The Hunger - the book

Outbreak: The Hunger: Trend-Bucking Zombie Trilogy Releases Pack of “Wild” Animals…with Deadly Results. Hailed “A Frightening Un-Dead Story” by Critics.

Masterfully crafted by Scott Shoyer, ‘The Hunger,’ the powerful first volume in the ‘Outbreak’ trilogy, breaks the stagnant mold of zombie fiction to embroil readers in an innocent trip to a zoo that could literally change humanity for good. Shoyer tells his story from two compelling perspectives – the dying general population, and the soldiers in a secret Texas lab who can’t believe the world’s biggest military secret is now roaming the streets. It’s violent, intense, and perfectly brings the genre back from the dead.

Austin, Texas While nobody will deny zombie fiction’s huge recent surge in popularity, both readers and critics are currently crying out for wholly unique, new narratives that don’t succumb to the recycling of the “same-old” concepts. Thankfully, Scott Shoyer is stepping up to the plate with gusto.

His new ‘Outbreak’ series promises to inject literal new blood into the market. Volume one, ‘The Hunger,’ leads up to a thrilling zombie apocalypse. But watch out…those animal rights activists are about to set free hundreds of animals from a research lab, along with a military secret and a virus that could end all life.


What starts off as a fun day at the zoo for John and his young daughter Fi quickly turns into a waking nightmare. Now they and a small group of survivors are fighting for their lives against a pack of animals that seem somehow altered. Was it nature or man who altered them? In a top secret research facility in Texas lies the answer. But will the scientists and soldiers find the answer before its too late and the infection spreads to Man? No one is safe from the hunger that grows inside!

“This story is told from two distinctly different perspectives,” explains the author, founder of the popular AnythingHorror.com website and community. “Readers get to experience the onslaught through the eyes of those in the zoo, as well as the group of soldiers in a secret laboratory who are left to uncover what is causing dead bodies to suddenly reanimate.”

Continuing, “Everything was designed from the ground up to give the genre something new. As strange as it sounds, zombie fiction can often have a distinct lack of zombies, with descriptions so long that they tear readers away from the action. I’m out to keep the gore and horror coming thick and fast, while leaving enough holes in the narrative for readers to drive the story forward using their own imagination.”

It’s a creative cocktail that appears to be working; readers have come out in force with rave reviews. For example, one Amazon customer comments, “This was an exhilarating read. The author brings a new and terrifying twist to the zombie horror genre. I read this book in one nail-biting sitting. The unimaginable horrors of this story will keep me up for many nights and will have me looking at my beloved pets with a wary eye. Great read.”

Kimberly Cable adds, “Can't. Stop. Reading! Although not my typical genre of reading material, it had me at the cover and kept my attention the whole way through. Every time I felt I had a handle on what was to come, I turned the page and found a twist that never crossed my mind! I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading, regardless of your normal story preference, you will not be disappointed. Can't wait for book two.”

With volumes two and three on the horizon, interested readers are urged to get started on the trilogy without delay.

‘Outbreak’, from Severed Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/1AxJDjI

For more of the author’s work, visit: http://anythinghorror.com

About the author, in his own words:

I'm a horror writer who has no limits on where I go. My ideas come from everyday situations and then I put them through my twisted filter to hopefully shock and disgust you. People find this interesting being that I have my Ph.D. in German philosophy.

My first novel, Outbreak: The Hunger, is now available from Severed Press. I love writing about zombies and more "human" monsters and have many ideas for more novels, short stories, novellas, and scripts (I even have a bizarre graphic novel about Steven Seagal as a time traveling, ass-kicker fighting evil). Slowly, I'm getting these warped ideas out of my head!

I currently have 2 short stories published in 2 different horror anthologies, Headshots Only and Tales of Bigfoot.