The top 5 Horror Podcasts You can't miss

The top 5 Horror Podcasts You can't miss

1. "Lore" - A podcast that explores the dark and often forgotten stories of our past, delving into the true history behind folklore, myths, and legends. (

2. "The NoSleep Podcast" - An audio version of the popular Reddit thread of the same name, featuring chilling tales from amateur writers and voice actors. (


3. "My Favorite Murder" - A true crime podcast with a horror twist, as Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark delve into some of the most infamous murder cases in history. (


4. "Welcome to Night Vale" - A surreal and macabre podcast about a small town in the desert where strange and frightening things happen on a regular basis. (

5. "The Black Tapes" - A serialized audio drama that follows the investigation of a journalist into the mysterious cases of a paranormal researcher known as "The Strand." (