Fannie Mills, the UNBELIEVABLE picture of The Ohio Big Foot Girl

Fannie Mills, The Ohio Big Foot Girl
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Her feet were no less than 17 inches long; her name was Fannie Mills. The petite lady weighed 52.27kg and wore estimate 30 shoes of the age, produced using three goat skins, and pillowcases utilized as socks. 

"The Ohio Big Foot Girl" was conceived in Sussex, England either in 1859 or 1860 to English transients who settled close Sandusky, Ohio. 

Fannie had a condition known as Milroy Disease, which made her feet develop to an anomalous extensive size. The family trusted her ailment came about because of a "maternal impression" when Mr. Factories, her dad, made the pregnant Mrs. Factories wash the swelled leg of a stallion. 

Her profession started in 1885, when she entered the exhibition hall circuit, joined by a medical attendant, Mary Brown. After the offer of $5000 and a "very much supplied cultivate" to anybody willing to wed the huge footed young lady, she in the long run wedded Mary's sibling, William Brown. 

46-year old William married 26-year old Fannie in late 1886 and by August 1887 Fannie was conveyed of her stillborn youngster.