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Ioana the Bloodthirster

Ioana Constantinescu 

Died in the autumn of 1909
Cause of death: Ritual Suicide
by ‘purposeful ingesting of large quantities of her own blood’
Stated and concluded the official autopsy
and coroners reports
Timișoara, Romania Octombrie 23
She called it the ‘Communion of the Saints’

Twenty seven year old Ioana was laid to rest in a private ceremony attended only by Spenta Armaiti members.
She was known to many throughout the township of Timișoara, in western Romania as a witch and an idolator.
Many feared her, many knew the stories of alleged hemo-ingestion and unknown Strigoaică in the wood.

She was conspired against by two Christian ministers and their wives to ‘drive out the devil from their midst’ and ‘cleanse the northern gods from among us’.
Just before dawn, on Octombrie 21st she was dragged from her home by an mob and beaten near unto death.
She spent the next two days drinking continually from the Communion Glass.

Both ministers and their wives were dead before the end of the year.