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The Black Monk of Pontefract

Title: The Black Monk of Pontefract (1966): Unveiling the True Horror Story That Still Haunts West Yorkshire


Title: The Black Monk of Pontefract (1966): Unveiling the True Horror Story That Still Haunts West Yorkshire In the annals of paranormal lore, few tales elicit the same spine-chilling response as that of the Black Monk of Pontefract. The haunting events that unfolded in the unassuming town of Pontefract, West Yorkshire, in 1966, have left an indelible mark on the history of supernatural occurrences. Brace yourselves, dear readers, as we delve into the unsettling true horror story that continues to send shivers down the spines of those who dare to explore the mysteries of the afterlife. The Genesis of Dread: The Pritchard Family and 30 East Drive The ominous tale centers around the Pritchard family, who took residence in 30 East Drive during the turbulent 1960s... Read More

10 signs of a Ghost Presence around You

5 signs of a Ghost Presence around You

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1. STRANGE NOISES Strange noises are the most typical sign of ghosts presence, natural or supernatural can depend sometimes from hold houses...and how about footsteps in an empty house? If you want to have things clear just write down the timing when noises arrive, are they regular or just random? and what about other people? do they hear them too? 2. THE ODD BEHAVIOR OF PETS Did you realize that your cat is always staring into some strange place for several minutes or that the cat behave like there's somebody in the room? Cats have different senses and they can feel other creatures or entities. There are several documented cases of pets discerning ghosts and spirits in the past. Cats are psychic. 3. EVERY NIGHT YOU WAKE UP AT 3 AM Mediums say that... Read More

Jamaican Boy Attacked by Ghost on Camera

Jamaican Boy Attacked by Ghost on Camera


Jamaican Boy Attacked by Ghost CAUGHT ON CAMERA BY NEWS REPORTER STATION STORY do you think it's Real or Fake?    watch the video   Take your decision and comment

Doris Bither and the real story behind the movie The Entity

Doris Bither and the real story behind the movie The Entity


It was a chance encounter at a California bookstore in 1974, that would eventually reveal one of the most terrifying hauntings in American history.  The case, which was used as the basis for the film “The Entity,”  involved a woman named Doris Bither and her four children.  Bither was the woman at the bookstore who overheard two men discussing a haunted house and approached them to say that her house was also haunted.  Although unknown to Doris Bither at the time, one of the men was Kerry Gaynor, a paranormal researcher and associate of Dr. Barry Taff from UCLA. Doris Bither had moved to California with her family at about the age of 10.  Little is known about her early life but by the time she spoke withe the investigators in 1974, her... Read More

The Unexplained Picture in The Baement

The Creepy Unexplained Picture in The Baement


This photo was taken in my basement. My sister took it and showed me. There is no explanation for the happening or anything. We have no idea who it was although it could be my grandmother. My sister sent me the photo and the only thing done was cropping out the stairs. This is a real actual photo. We all slept together that night: Me, my sister, her boyfriend, and my cousin. We also smelled my grandmother's perfume as well. We aren't sure if it was her or the previous owners who had died here. There is not much to this story, but that seems to be the most weirdest and coldest place in my house. Always by the basement door, we get the chills. If anything else comes up, it will be posted. 

The Girl vs The Haunted Mirror

The Girl vs The Haunted Mirror


The following bizarre and creepy incident, which took place in Des Moines, Iowa, was investigated by a psychiatrist and a paranormal research group. As is usual in these cases, a satisfactory explanation was never arrived at. In May 1999, a 13-year-old girl named Phoebe was sent to see a psychiatrist because of a self-image neurosis. The teenager was evidently developing an aversion to mirrors because she thought she looked ugly. Phoebe would periodically break down in tears in her room because she saw herself as fat and spotty. Her best friend Rachel had tried on numerous occasions to tell her that there was nothing ugly about her and that her figure was stick-like, but Phoebe thought her friend was just trying to make her feel better. Phoebe's mother, Sue, had... Read More

Maria Labo and the Aswang curse

Maria Labo and the Aswang curse


Maria Labo got famous for a story that depicted her as the murderer of her two sons and then cooked them for dinner who even offered her husband to eat their sons. The ballad of Maria Labo-the thing is, the story of Maria Labo has found its way in the local papers so most probably, this story was partly true. this story caused a stir in the city some 5 years ago. This was about a young woman named Maria who went to Canada to be a caregiver. Before she went abroad, she had taken care of an elderly man who was said to have possessed the so-called "aswang" curse. When the old man died, he passed his powers to Maria.Finding no luck in Canada, Maria went home. It was then that her thirst for human flesh started there. When her husband, a policeman, went home... Read More