Maria Labo and the Aswang curse

Maria Labo and the Aswang curse
The Story: 

Maria Labo got famous for a story that depicted her as the murderer of her two sons and then cooked them for dinner who even offered her husband to eat their sons.

The ballad of Maria Labo-the thing is, the story of Maria Labo has found its way in the local papers so most probably, this story was partly true. this story caused a stir in the city some 5 years ago.

This was about a young woman named Maria who went to Canada to be a caregiver. Before she went abroad, she had taken care of an elderly man who was said to have possessed the so-called "aswang" curse. When the old man died, he passed his powers to Maria.Finding no luck in Canada, Maria went home. It was then that her thirst for human flesh started there. When her husband, a policeman, went home one night, he was looking for their kids. 

Maria Labo

It was said that the deranged Maria pointed to the stove where she said she cooked her children. Enraged, her husband struck her with a bolo ("labo") where she obtained a scar on her face, earning her the monicker Maria Labo. it was said that she fled to Visayas, then to Mindanao, in a quest to satiate her hunger for human flesh and viscera. Like a typical aswang, she has the ability to change her appearance. sometimes she appears as a beautiful young lass... at other times, she appears as an old woman.

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