The Doodler, The Gays Serial Killer

The Doodler, The Gays Serial Killer
San Francisco, USA
The Story: 

The Doodler is a serial killer also called the Black Doodler. He–or she– remains one of the most prolific murderers of gay men in the community of San Francisco. The murders committed by the Doodler took place between 1974 and 1975.

During that time, the Doodler was responsible for the deaths of 14 young men. He further assaulted three others who lived to tell about the assaults. The Doodler had a very curious modus operandi. He was known to be someone  who would take a sketch of his victims, then have sex with them and finally stab them to death. Of those assaulted only three victims survived to tell about the events surrounding the assault.

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