Greg Nicotero: The Walking Dead 6 as A Puzzle

Greg Nicotero: The Walking Dead 6 as A Puzzle

from At the Saturn Awards this weekend, The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple joined Collider to talk about plans for Season Six.

"In season one, Night of the Living Dead was sort of our holy grail," Nicotero said. "We were striving to make something as meaningful as that material, and I think that six years in, not only do we continue to do it but we do it better. It gets harder every year, but we don't back down. I feel like our skeletons are just stripped of every emotion because we try so hard to keep the show fresh and keep the show original."

"What I love what we're doing about the season premiere of this one is, it's bold," Nicotero said. "We want our audience to think and they get to put together the puzzle that we are presenting to them, knowing that by the end of the episode that they will have arrived at the conclusion that we want them to arrive at."

AMC's top-rated drama The Walking Dead returns in October. Between now and then, keep your eyes peeled for plenty more news, both from Comic Con International: San Diego in just under two weeks and from Fear the Walking Dead, the forthcoming spinoff series set to debut in August.

here's the video of the interview: