Creepy Horror True Stories

Apocalypse Horror Story - End of the World

Apocalypse Horror Story - End of the World


  Basically, the war destroys the world and only a few people are left. The main character is a scavenger and goes to collect supplies for his camp and comes across a book in a war bunker written in 1992 which has exact details about the war 30 years before it happens. He then discovers he wrote it himself which is impossible because he was born in 2093 which is 101 year before the book was written.    

The Marijuana Girl

The Marijuana Girl


I moved out from my parents place a couple weeks back to start my career. I’m only 19 and paranormal activities are new to me. A week into working, I was heading home after work at around 9:30 pm and it was heavily raining. I lived in a flat downstairs to a small family that live upstairs, as the story goes, I came home and I was sleep deprived so I sat on the couch to get a bit of shut eye since I was running in the rain from work to the house. An hour later I woke up to have a shower and as I was getting into the shower, I heard a knock on my door so I put a towel on and walked to the door to answer. As I opened I heard from the distance that there were footsteps heading towards me but I didn’t see a thing. I was freaked out for a bit while... Read More

Creepy Roommates True Horror Story

Creepy Roommates True Horror Story


Two female college roommates were staying in their dorm room during the University’s Christmas vacation. All of the other girls on campus had gone home so they were completely alone. The roommates were trying to do some study, but they ended up just spending hours browsing the Internet on their laptop. Late that night, one of the girls felt hungry so she told her roommate she was going downstairs to get some food. She assured her friend she would be back in a few minutes. Then she took the keys to open the kitchen door and walked off down the hallway. The other girl sat in her room, using her laptop and waiting for her roommate to return. After a while, she began to feel sleepy so she undressed and got into bed. As she was about to... Read More

Anna Maria Galanti

Italian Medium Freaks Out and Curses a Guy on the Phone


Her name is Anna Maria Galanti and she is an italian medium. She used to have a show on a local tv network where she predicts the future for people on the phone. This guy is calling to make a joke to her... and when he call her c**k s****r she gets totally mad and curses him very bad this is funny and scary at the same time... after he calls her names and keep laughing she starts with her creepy curse. Check next page for the original video

The Apocalypse Begin on September 23 2017

The Apocalypse Begin on September 23 2017


The end is unquestionably coming, as indicated by one author – and a considerable measure of other web YouTube weirdoes – and it'll all commence one month from now (around the 23rd, when a passing planet will end up noticeably unmistakable in the sky).  We'll all bite the dust in the following month or somewhere in the vicinity, as indicated by David Meade, creator of Planet X: the 2017 landing.  The reason David Meade is certain to the point that demise planet Nibiru will murder all of us is that he guarantees it's composed in both the Bible AND the Pyramids.  Creator says he's seen mystery photographs of death planet on its approach to annihilate Earth on September 23  Nobody else feels that – yet hello, when has... Read More

Baby laugh a-lot commercial creepy

The Most CREEPY tv commercial ever seen


This is probably the most creepy tv commercial ever seen. The present toy advertisements aren't impeccable yet at any rate they don't give you bad dreams. The one beneath, for Remco's 1971 toy Baby Laugh-a-Lot, is not something your children ever need to see. The blood and guts film style altering and the unsettled voiceover unquestionably don't offer assistance. Truth be told, the main thing more unnerving than Baby Laugh-a-Lot may be Baby Laugh-a-Lot with her batteries running low.  

Attempt to create a Homunculus somewhere in Russia

Attempt to create a Homunculus in Russia


Above all else, I ought to most likely clarify what the heck a HOMUNCULUS is, for those of you who aren't addicted to mysterious legends: as indicated by the compositions of antiquated speculative chemistry going back as ahead of schedule as the 16th century, the homunculus is a living smaller than expected humanoid (the name in Latin actually signifies "little man") developed from human sperm.  Researchers of that time hypothesized that the majority of a person's heredity may exist in small size inside a sperm cell — and through the direction of a prepared chemist, a smaller than expected human could really be hatched outside of a human womb.   Soothsayer Paracelsus wrote in his 1537 volume De Natura Rerum that he had... Read More

Cop shoots Terrance Walker in Oklahoma

Cop shoots a Black Man in Oklahoma


Oklahoma police have discharged film recorded on an officer's body camera of police lethally shooting a suspect on January 17.  The camera, strapped to Muskogee cop Chansey McMillin, catches the officer approach and start to look a man distinguished as 21-year-old Terrance Walker.  "Why you shaking for? Unwind," McMillin says subsequent to inquiring as to whether he has any weapons.  Seconds after the fact, Walker starts to escape as McMillin gives pursue. The presume drops something on the ground and twists down to lift it up. It is indistinct in the video what he drops, yet police say it is a weapon. At the point when the presume begins to run once more, the officer shoot five shots.  "From all that we can... Read More

2013 TX68 is gonna kill All of us?

2013 TX68 is gonna kill All of us?

September 2017

Terrified NASA scientists admit big asteroid gonna hit Earth and cause armageddon on SEMPTEMBER 2017 NASA has admitted there is a chance asteroid 2013 TX68, a 100ft currently heading towards us, could smash into Earth. And that's gonna be a big issue for everybody. Experts warn the giant 100-foot asteroid is heading towards us but nobody is certain how close it will come to a direct hit. This is not our first date with this big rock but NASA says there is a "chance" it could hurtle into our planet on September 28, 2017. The same asteroid bypassed Earth two years ago at the comfortable distance of about 1.3 million, which is not that close,  miles but could pass much closer on its next visit. GO TO NEXT PAGE... Read More

Christina Williamson, who possessed a day care in the territory.

When this family installed a Camera to watch children discovered...


Each parent needs to feel that they've settled on a decent decision in selecting who watches their kid, whether it's a caretaker dealing with an infant or a sitter viewing a 10-year-old.  A few mothers and fathers lead thorough meetings and do intensive historical verifications to ensure the chose individual is the most ideal decision. Yet, tragically, not everybody is whom they elevate themselves to be, and some are to a great degree great at lying about it — something these guardians, who enlisted a babysitter that wound up being an outright bad dream, took in the most difficult way possible.  In the video beneath, posted on April 4, 2016, we see another situation unfurl that is difficult to accept. Youngster defensive... Read More