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2013 TX68 is gonna kill All of us?

2013 TX68 is gonna kill All of us?

September 2017

Terrified NASA scientists admit big asteroid gonna hit Earth and cause armageddon on SEMPTEMBER 2017 NASA has admitted there is a chance asteroid 2013 TX68, a 100ft currently heading towards us, could smash into Earth. And that's gonna be a big issue for everybody. Experts warn the giant 100-foot asteroid is heading towards us but nobody is certain how close it will come to a direct hit. This is not our first date with this big rock but NASA says there is a "chance" it could hurtle into our planet on September 28, 2017. The same asteroid bypassed Earth two years ago at the comfortable distance of about 1.3 million, which is not that close,  miles but could pass much closer on its next visit. GO TO NEXT PAGE... Read More

Christina Williamson, who possessed a day care in the territory.

When this family installed a Camera to watch children discovered...


Each parent needs to feel that they've settled on a decent decision in selecting who watches their kid, whether it's a caretaker dealing with an infant or a sitter viewing a 10-year-old.  A few mothers and fathers lead thorough meetings and do intensive historical verifications to ensure the chose individual is the most ideal decision. Yet, tragically, not everybody is whom they elevate themselves to be, and some are to a great degree great at lying about it — something these guardians, who enlisted a babysitter that wound up being an outright bad dream, took in the most difficult way possible.  In the video beneath, posted on April 4, 2016, we see another situation unfurl that is difficult to accept. Youngster defensive... Read More

Suicide from the dark web

A Forum with tricks to suicide, on the DARK WEB


ok... TOR browser...ready proxy.... connected. cross your finger... go deep web mode. What is the dark web (or darknet)? It is the darkest, sickest part of the deep web... ok but, what is the deep web? well you can ask to google. In the middle of all the insane sick things you can find on the dark web you can also find this kind of disturbed stuff: Believe me or not, the site is called Suicide Tips & Tricks and its content is exactly what you think... a forum to help people to find the proper solution to die. Browsing the site you can find alot of disturbed people asking for some hint about the best way to "do it".. for instance: "So I've decided I'll go out via hanging, but I'm not sure what kind of knot to use when tying... Read More

Latoya Ammons and her 3 Children Possessed by Demons

Latoya Ammons and her 3 Children Possessed by Demons


Police captain confirms children 'possessed by demons'.   Latoya Ammons, from Indiana, said her three children walked up walls, levitated and spoke in voices. Official reports filed in 2012 backed up her claims, with psychologists stating that they saw the nine-year-old child speak in "different deep voices" and walk "up the wall backwards".  "He flipped over and landed on his feet," they added. Gary Police Captain Charles Austin, who has more than 35 years of experience, said he had been convinced by the story. According to a local newspaper, the Indianapolis Star, he described himself as a "believer" after visiting the house and interviewing Ms Ammons and her family. 'Growling noises' Official Indiana state... Read More

Joey Cala who killed his mother possessed by witches

This Guy killed his poor Mother because the witches told him

October 2001

Joseph “Joey” Cala II held no grudges against his mother. But the witches did. And he said in a prison interview that their spirits took him over on the evening of Oct. 15, 2001. “The day it happened I was feeling real violent because I knew they were trying to make me do violent things,” Cala said from a prison break room at the Michael Unit. “I decided to leave [the house] and told my mom. I walked down and got a hamburger at Red Robin and I felt fine.” But minutes later, Cala returned to his Hurst home and beat his 79-year-old mother to death, sliced her open, cut out her heart and bit off part of it. For the first time since the vicious killing, Cala, 55, agreed to an interview and recently talked to the Star-Telegram. Dressed in prison... Read More

Tommy Cooper dies during his show

The Comedian Tommy Cooper dies on TV

15th April 1984

Tommy Cooper death - the comedian Tommy Cooper collapsed from a heart attack in front of millions of television viewers, midway through his act on the his show Live from Her Majesty's His assistant had helped him put on a cloak for his sketch, while Jimmy Tarbuck, the host, was hiding behind the curtain waiting to pass him different props that he would then appear to pull from inside his gown. The assistant smiled at him as he collapsed, believing that it was a part of the act. Likewise, the audience gave "uproarious" laughter as he fell, gasping for air. At this point, Alasdair MacMillan, the director of the television production, cued the orchestra to play music for an unscripted commercial break (... Read More

Dorothy Jane Scott disappeared

When I Get you Alone, I will cut You up into Bits


On May 27, 1980, thirty-two-year-old secretary Dorothy Jane Scott dropped her young son Shanti off at her parents' house in Anaheim, California and went to a company meeting. While there, a coworker named Conrad Bostron complained of pain so severe that Dorothy offered to take him to the hospital with another coworker named Pam Head. The doctors found that he had been bitten by a black widow spider. At around 11pm that same night, the man started to recover and was discharged. Pam stayed with him while he filled out paperwork for insurance, while Dorothy went to fetch the car and bring it close to the entrance so her distraught coworker wouldn't have to exert effort and walk far. After a few minutes, Pam looked out the window and noticed... Read More

Possessed Man at Supermarket

Possessed Man at Supermarket

May 2016

At the end of the footage, the man appears to point at toilet rolls, which swiftly topple over on their own This is the spine-tingling moment a man said to be 'possessed by an entity shakes violently in a supermarket before the reflection of a ghostly figure appears in a fridge door. At the beginning of the clip he resembles any other shopper, reaching into a fridge and taking out a cold drink. Suddenly, while still gripping the door handle, he seems to turn rigid and begins shaking violently, dropping the drink on the floor. With his hand by his side, his body jerks vigorously, grunting and yelping. The man turns rigid after letting go of the fridge's door handle He then starts tugging at his T-shirt and shaking his head.... Read More

Sky Trumpets, supernatural sounds recorded in France

Sky Trumpets, supernatural sounds recorded in France


Hi. This is another clip sent to us by some user through the email. he claims to be called Antoine, a french name, and he recorded this video during the morning in Sainte Olive, a city next to Lyon in France. Sky Trumpets are a really interesting event happening quite often around the world, sometimes it's proved to be a fake but sometimes not. Some people say it's the undeniable demonstration that God exist and that the end is near. this is the video more info on sky trumpets on the next page.  

Russia: woman in burka holding severed head of child

Russia: this woman in burka holding...yes it's true!


A BURKA-CLAD nanny has been arrested in Russia after she allegedly walked the streets of central Moscow brandishing the severed head of a four-year-old girl while shouting "Allahu Akbar". Chilling footage shows the moment Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, flanked by armed police, took Russian police to the gruesome scene where she allegedly beheaded a four-year-old girl.  Bobokulova, a mother-of-three allegedly strangled defenceless Nastya Meshcheryakova, who had learning difficulties, before cutting her head off with a kitchen knife.  The little girl’s lifeless body was found in a cot at the flat.  The 38-year-old nanny told police she had been haunted by “voices” and was driven mad after learning her husband had started a new family... Read More