TOP 10 Most Beautiful Actress in Horror Movies

Jennifer Lawrence – House At The End Of The Street (2012) 

House at the End of the Street was a huge box office success owing to the huge profits it raked in, not to mention ranking number 1 in its opening weekend. This horror movie is about a divorced woman and her daughter who seek a fresh start in an amazing house in a great neighborhood.  Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of the woman’s daughter named Elissa, who starts a relationship with the boy next door despite her mother’s disapproval of the relationship. The boy next door lives alone because his sister killed his parents and disappeared, which is one of the explanations that Elissa and her mother get for the weird and unexplainable happenings that begin taking place around them. Jennifer Lawrence is central to the movie, not just because of her role but also because of how hot and amazing she looks throughout the movie. How hot Jennifer Lawrence is makes the movie worth watching, since critics hated everything else about it.


Olivia Wilde – Turistas (2006) 

The 2006 horror movie Turistas is a movie about some tourists who travel to Northeastern Brazil for their vacation, only for their vacation to turn into a nightmare. After the bus that they are travelling in gets into an accident, the tourists make their way to a beach nearby where they have a good time partying with the locals. These tourists are drugged without their knowledge and they wake up having been robbed of everything including their clothes, passports, and money. Olivia Wilde plays the role of one of the tourists named Bea Tributan, who is one of the few to survive the horrible experience. Although movie critics did not love this movie at all, owing to its really bad ratings, no one can argue with the fact that Olivia Wilde made it worth watching because of just how hot she was in the movie.


Briana Evigan – Sorority Row (2009) 

Briana Evigan plays the role of Cassidy, one of the five true-blue friends and sorority sisters starring in the 2009 horror movie Sorority Row. Cassidy, Jessica, Ellie, Claire, and Megan are the sorority sisters in the above movie, which critics had a field day tearing apart. In the movie, the sisters organize a prank that led to the accidental death of Megan. The four sisters cover up the murder because they are afraid of facing the consequences of their actions, a cover-up that does not last long. They start receiving videos of the night of the incident, and become the victims of a deadly stalker. Although Briana does a lot of screaming and running around in the movie, there is no denying the fact that her hotness factor made this movie worth watching.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead — Final Destination 3 (2006)

Final Destination 3 was a very successful horror movie, since it grossed a whopping $117,719,158 at the box office, working with a budget of only $25 million. The movie is about a group of high schoolers who cheated death when they survived a roller-coaster accident that was supposed to kill all the students on it. Mary Elizabeth Winstead who plays the role of Wendy, is the teen who has a premonition about the horrifying accident and saves herself, but she has to look for a way of avoiding the malevolent spirit that is now after her and her classmates. Many of her classmates begin dying in weird and horrible ways, but she has to warn all survivors about what will soon happen to them. All through the movie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead looks amazingly hot, and despite the fact that she was the star, all attention would have still been on her anyway owing to her great looks.


Emmanuelle Chriqui – Wrong Turn (2003) 

Wrong Turn is the first of six horror movies of the Wrong Turn film series that has proven to be very popular over the years. A small distraction on the road causes a medical student on his way to a meeting to collide with a stalled SUV belonging to five friends, who are stranded in the area because all the wheels on their car were blown out by some barbed wire carefully placed on the road. The six discover that they have stumbled upon an area occupied by fierce and hungry cannibals, who discover their presence and start coming after them. Emmanuelle Chriqui plays the role of Carly, one of the friends who eventually gets killed by the cannibals. However, Chriqui makes the movie a viewing pleasure despite all the running and the killing, owing to how seriously hot she is in this movie.


Kate Beckinsale – Underworld (2003) 

Are you one of those people who saw Kate Beckinsale as fragile, very delicate, and too British? Well, the movie Underworld proves that Kate is more than just a sexy innocent girl, but she can really fight and act all badass. Underworld is a movie depicting the age-old battle between vampires and werewolves, and Kate’s character Selene is one of the highest trained killer vampires you can come across. In this movie, Selene struggles to save a human (Scott Speedman) from the werewolf leader who is hell bent on ensuring the total annihilation of all vampires, and in the process comes off as the hottest vampire we have ever seen on screen.


Jessica Biel — The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) 

The 2003 horror movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a remake of the 1974 horror movie going by the same name, and is the fifth of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. This movie was a huge box office success grossing over $107 million worldwide, despite critics hating on it. The movie is about some young travellers on their way to a concert, who drive through Texas and have to talk to the sheriff about a hitchhiker who shot herself while they were trying to help her. In their search for the sheriff, a hulking brutal killer called Leatherface starts coming after them and killing them. Leatherface kills all of them except Erin (Jessica Biel), who manages to get away. Jessica Biel is naturally a beautiful woman, but in this movie she looks extremely hot in her see-through top and tight fitting jeans.


Salma Hayek – From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) 

From Dusk Till Dawn is a horror movie starring George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino as a pair of outlaw brothers called Seth and Richard Gecko respectively. The movie shows these two sadistic crooks on the run after committing a string of robberies, including robbing a bank and killing a few police officers. These two criminals, together with some of their hostages, end up in a topless bar, a place where some vampires in that area come to hang out. The brothers and their hostages have to fight their way out of that bar, an ordeal that proves to be one of their worst experiences. However, at the bar we get to watch Salma Hayek playing the role of Santanico Pandemonium, a beautiful Mexican erotic dancer who dances her way onto the list of the hottest chicks in horror films.


Kelly Brook — Piranha 3D (2010) 

Piranha 3D is a 2010 horror movie that was technically a remake of the original 1978 movie going by the same name. This movie shows a huge number of tourists having a great time at Lake Victoria, oblivious of the fact that there are killer Piranhas on the loose, thirsty for human blood. An underground tremor in the region released prehistoric Piranhas into the lake, and the popular waterside resort cannot tell the tourists not to get into the water because the water is its main attraction and the tourists are the area’s main source of revenue. Before the battle against the deadly Piranhas begins, Kelly Brook hits the scene as Danni Arslow, one of the actresses of Derrick Jones, an adult movie producer. Kelley Brook shoots a scene that reveals just how hot she is, and remains etched at the back of the viewer’s minds for the rest of the movie.